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Thank you everyone for your efforts over this last election cycle.
Without you we could not have achieved the overwhelming support of the voters in my district. This was truly the hardest election cycle I have ever experienced. My opponent spent over three times the money ever spent, promoting an attack campaign that was untruthful and unprecedented. I am very lucky to have supporters and voters in my district that saw through the nonsense.

Now comes the hard part.
With victory comes responsibility. For the first time in two years my vote will count in setting a direction for the State. I will go to Salem remembering that I must get people back to work in my district and reach across political lines to create a better Oregon. It is with this understanding that I will stay committed to as long as you trust in me as your State Representative.


Sal Esquivel.


What matters to Medford and our community is what matters to Sal Esquivel

Jackson County’s unemployment rate of 11.4 percent is unacceptable.

Sal Esquivel has always championed the fight to create quality family wage jobs both locally and throughout the state.

Now that we are struggling in a down economy, that agenda is more important than ever.

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